Here is Part 2 of the Mac Liberty of London Haul.
Click here to go to Part 1.
Part 1 has info and photos of the packaging as well as info on what products came out with the whole collection.
(Left to Right: Summer Rose Beauty Powder, Prim & Proper Blush, Free to Be Eye Shadow, Peachstock Lipstick, Perennial High Style Lipglass, English Accents Lipglass)

Lip Products:
– Lip Glasses
• English Accents
Creamy cool pink with gold reflects in it. Very pigmented, like the other lip glasses in the collection. Very nice color for the spring, something I definitely see using year round because it’s such a good mid-toned color.
• Perennial High Style
One of my favorites from the collection. Beautiful coral lipglass… zero shimmer whatsoever. It’s very pigmented, and I definitely see myself using this on it’s own all summer long. Gives a good “juicy” look (which is a look I have been LOVING) to the lips and on my skin tone it’s a pretty match. I can also see most skin tones wearing this color because it is very pigmented but on it’s own it supplies a good color.
– Lipstick
• Peachstock: Satin. I don’t have a color like this at all. It looks like the OPI color from the winter “Ginger Bells”… maybe a little lighter and creamier. It’s a satin formula whic is one that I’ve not tried before. It looks really odd in the tube but I think when worn it’s much prettier. It goes on pretty thick and has a nice sheen to it. It’s a color I’m going to have to experiment with before just confidently using in a look.
(L to R: English Accents, Perennial High Style, Peachstock)
Eye Shadow:
– Free to Be: Matte. It’s like Perennial High Style just in eye shadow form. It was kinda hard to swatch and photograph because it went on kind of sheer and it’s closer to my skin tone. I can see myself layering this more than just using it on it’s own because it’s one of those peachy/reds that fits in the section of colors that don’t look good on me. On its own I can see it just making me look tired, which is just too bad because it’s so pretty.
(L to R: Free to Be, Prim & Proper, Summer Rose)
Face Products:
– Blush
• Prim & Proper: satin. It’s a dusty rose color. This photo is pretty close to the actual color but in real life it’s slightly more pink. It reminds me of an old Clinique blush I had that was half bronzer half blush. This blush has no shimmer in it so it’s not really a bronzer but on me it could work as a bronzer or contour depending on what part of the year it is.
– Beauty Powder
• Summer Rose
When looking at the whole collection, the products I see using the most are the beauty powders. The two beauty powders that were released with the collection are colors that look good on pretty much every skin tone, whether used as a highlight or a blush. This one is the pinker beauty powder. It’s pretty much a blush. Honestly… it’s pink, it has some shimmer in it… it’s a blush. I don’t know why they have “beauty powders” when they have a blush line… I mean they could just nix the “beauty powders” and make “highlights” i JUST DON’T KNOW. Anyways… the color on this one is warm and very pretty. It falls right between Benefit’s Dandelion and Benefit’s Coralista. I’ve been using it almost everyday as a blush and it just warms up my face and doesn’t deposit too much color.

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