(From Left to Right: Give Me Liberty of London Eye Shadow, Dame’s Desire Eye Shadow, Bough Grey Eye Shadow, Birds & Berries Eye Shadow, Dirty Plum Blush, Shell Pearl Beauty Powder, Blooming Lovely Lipstick, A Different Groove Lip Glass, Frankly Fresh Lip Glass)

This is the first Mac Collection that I’ve been able to purchase that had special packaging, instead of their standard black packaging.
All of the products come with white packaging with black detailing, almost tattoo like, with specific designs highlighted with bright colors. All of the boxes the products come in have “Liberty of London and Mac” somewhere on it in a shiny gold.
Inside all of the boxes the print is different: it’s rows of colored flowers in a line.
The products themselves are made of plastic, like normal, but are again white based not black, they’re shinier plastic, and not a more matte finish, and have the same tattoo like designs on each of them (which you’ll see in the photos of the products themselves).
This collection came with 5 eyeshadows:
– Give Me Liberty of London
– Dame’s Desire
– Bough Grey
– Birds & Berries
(Give Me Liberty of London, Dame’s Desire, Bough Grey, Birds & Berries)
Here are the other 4 eyeshadows, how they came packaged and their swatches 😀
• Give Me Liberty of London
Matte. It’s a creamy pink color. Something I normally wouldn’t buy, but I couldn’t help it. From the cute packaging to the cute color itself I decided to try it out anyways. It’s one of those colors that doesn’t really show up on my skin tone because it’s another in-between shade of pink that just doesn’t really look good. If it were lighter or darker it’d be easier to wear but I am still going to try and wear it nonetheless. It’s definitely a color that I’m willing to layer a bunch of times in order to get the color to show up.
• Dame’s Desire
Frost. It’s a repromote from the Dame Edna collection. It is a pretty frosty purple, that sits between being a red-purple and a blue-purple. I have so many purple eyeshadows so I don’t think this is that unique of a color, and is definitely not the must have color of the collection, especially because the Prep For Colour collection just came out and had a whole Plum collection. It’s not as frosty as some of the Mac frosts are, and I think if it was more frosty it would be a much more unique color.
• Bough Grey
Satin. This is one of the colors I was most excited for, but when I actually had it, it wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be. Yes, I don’t have any grey eyeshadows, but I thought it would be a little more dynamic when actually worn. When looking at it, the grey seems like it has a little bit of a green sheen to it, as well as some blue in it, but when applied it doesn’t show up at all. It does have a slight silvery sheen to it, so when it’s applied it’s soft looking and not just a stark grey on your eye. It also doesn’t apply very sheer, which is what I thought it would do since it’s a grey, so that’s a plus. I think if it was a tad lighter, it’d be easier to wear, or if it was a tad darker it would be a great replacement for a black if you wanted a smokey eye without too much harshness on the eye. I am glad that I have a grey now though. I do forsee myself using this to mute super bright colors in order to make them more wearable for everyday as well as using it to accent around the bright colors to intensify certain looks. I think it’s an interesting color and definitely worth checking out in store.
• Birds & Berries
Veluxe Pearl. This is the one that really made me go “Oooooooooooh” when I first opened it. I honestly thought I was going to have that with Bough Grey, and not with this color. I was excited for it but it was my second place color. To my complete surprise, it was the one that sort of took my breath away. Being a sucker for teal, it was very easy for me to love. It’s like a dark grey-ish blue/green. It’s shiny and pretty and I’m in love with it. I’ve also not seen a color like this so I’m very happy with this purchase.
Lip Products:
All of the lip products come with a box as well as a sheath that goes on top of it. The sheath on top has “Liberty of London and Mac” on top in the gold and the black with colored bird tattoo design. Inside the sheath as well as the box there is the colored flower pattern. The box itself is white with black writing.
On the tubes of the Lipglasses and the Lipsticks are designs that feature the colored parts of the Liberty of London designs.
– Lip Glasses
The collection came out with 4 lipglasses:
– Frankly Fresh
– A Different Groove
The two that caught my eye first were Frankly Fresh and A Different Groove. I did order Perennial High Style and English Accents, and they will be in my second wave of Liberty of London products.

• A Different Groove

It’s a deep brown/purple with gold sparkles and a pearl. It’s definitely much much much darker than the other shades. It sort of doesn’t fit in with the other colors because it’s not a fresh, bright, flowery like the other 3 shades are. This is a color that I’d normally use in the fall. It is a unique color that I like though. It’s sort of like a lipgloss I once had, that was in a Victoria’s Secret lipgloss set (before they had the Beauty Rush line) that I got in 7th grade…. so 7 years ago. I haven’t found another lipgloss like it. It might have to do with the fact that I haven’t really looked, because I don’t really search for dark lipglosses like this, and I usually rely on lipsticks to define the color on my lips, on the gloss. It does go on fairly dark so I’ve found that one swipe on either the top or bottom lip is enough pigmentation to spread evenly on both lip for an everyday look. Too much of this seems much too dramatic for an every day look.

(Only one swipe of the gloss)
• Frankly Fresh
Very much like A Different Groove, this color goes on pretty strongly. It’s a mid toned beige, with a natural pinkiness to it. It also has a warm pearl to it. This lipgloss is interesting because when used over any lipstick it highlights different and pretty components of all the lipsticks. Over a nude or beige lipstick, it can highlight the pinks or golds in the lipstick, and over a red, it pulls out some of the orangey tones, all because of the different characteristics in the gloss. It also helps take a bright color that wouldn’t be appropriate for an everyday look more everyday.
(One swipe of the lipgloss)
– Lipsticks
This collection also came with 4 lipsticks
– Ever Hip: Cremesheen
– Peachstock: Satin (Pro) (go to Part 2 for the photos and swatches :])
– Petals & Peacocks: Amplified
– Blooming Lovely: Amplified
Again, I ordered the one that jumped out to me the most, which was Blooming Lovely. The ones that are coming in the mail are Ever Hip and Peachstock. I wasn’t drawn to Petals & Peacocks at all because it was too bright of a magenta that I absolutely knew I would never wear. Blooming Lovely was even too bright of a pink for me to really wear everyday, but it was just so fun and gorgeous that I could not say no.
I have said before that Glazes were my favorite finish of Mac lipsticks. Most people don’t like glazes for the reason I do: they’re sheer so I feel like I can build them up to the strength that I want it to be. With Amplified lipsticks as well as other ones I feel like the strength of the lipstick is too high even when barely applied.
So, basically the color of Blooming Lovely was SO PRETTY that I was able to ignore the fact that it was a bright pink and an amplified lipstick.
It is a very creamy, lilac. Slightly grey, and slightly mauve. With one coat of it it was very strong. It was indeed creamy, almost buttery. I think on a darker skinned person, and I mean dark, it would look gorgeous because of the contrast it would present. Not in like a “wear it everyday!” gorgeous, but in like a look that you just want to surprise people with. The pastel color of it, the soft pink with purple undertones, and the creaminess of it would just be a wonderful surprise on a dark skinned person. But, that is just my taste.
(one swipe of the lipstick)
Face Products:
The Liberty of London collection came out with both Blushes and Beauty Powders. The blushes are just the pressed, powder blushes, and the beauty powders… well I don’t really know what the beauty powders are for. Because of my skin tone, I probably will use them as blushes anyways.
Both the Blushes and Beauty Powders come with the white packaging, the Blush is styled in the same way the regular blushes are, with the transparent top. On the top is the Liberty of London pattern. The Beauty Powder comes in compact form with a mirror, and the design on top.
– Blushes:
There are 2 blushes in this collection:
– Dirty Plum
• Dirty Plum
Mac actually just came out with Dirty Plum in the Riveting Collection. It’s also a Pro color, and I saw that it was coming out with Liberty of London, so I decided to wait to purchase it until Liberty of London came out with it.. It’s a matte blush. It’s super dark. To be honest, I’m probably going to use it as an eye shadow. It’s just a matte, plum. It’s that simple. I did use it as a blush one day and it was SO SO SO dark. All I did was dip my 129 in it, like just touched it into the blush, and then just touched it to the apple of my cheek and it was all there. It was very strong. And then I even dimmed it down by blending in some foundation and some Benefit Dandelion and the Dirty Plum still shone through. So, I will be using this as an eye shadow, I think. It reminds me of my favorite CoverGirl eyeshadow, which is also a matte plum color.
There were also 2 Beauty Powders:
– Shell Pearl
• Shell Pearl Beauty Powder
It’s very soft and very pretty. It’s a peach with gold reflects in it. Its like a darker version of Georgia by Benefit. On my skin tone, it works out to be a very pretty, light blush color which also highlights. Sort of like a powdered version of Benefit’s Moonbeam. The other one is a more pink color which is like a darker version of Dandelion by Benefit. I think it’s a super useful color for the spring… I’ve been into a very “pinched cheek” look with a juicy lip and a very understated eye, for a sort of more open eyed, springtime fresh look these days. The sun being out and the flowers blooming make me very upbeat and blushes like this sort of add to the looks and make me glowier. It adds a bit of goldiness too which make it look like I’ve been getting some sun 🙂

The collection also came with a scarf, a bag (I think, don’t quote me) and some nail polishes, which I wasn’t interested in at all so I didn’t purchase any of them.

All of these products are available at Mac Stores, Mac’s website and at Nordstrom as well.

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