I decided to go through my nail polish collection and post my top pics for this spring. These picks are based off of spring fashion, makeup and nail polish collections that have been released.
I picked through these 3 brands because these are just the brands that I had the right colors for…
So I picked a few from each color, except red because I only have 1 spring-like red. Here they areeeeee !!!!!!!!
Here is the link to the video I posted on YouTube about it.
• Red Nouveau – Essie
This is a more orange red than a blue red. It’s really a vermillion color rather than a burgundy like red (think Firetruck vs. Christmas). It’s more cheerful than a deep red, like one you’d see in the fall and winter. Formula wise, as I’ve seen with all Essie colors, the formula is super thick… as in with one coat you get a fair amount of color. For me, 2 coats of this was perfect.

• Melon of Troy – OPI

Gorgeous peachy-canteloupe color. It’s got a pretty white pearl to it. This goes on pretty sheer so 3 coats is needed to get the color on the tip of the nail swatch. It’s a color that looks great on all age groups (except for like…5 year olds…) and it’s super work friendly as well.

• Peachy Keen – China Glaze (Spring 2010 “Up Up and Away” Collection)

Pastel peach, with no shimmer whatsoever. It’s color is creamier than a bright orange is, and milkier, making it not so offensively bright (like a macaroni-n-cheese orange would be). Goes on the nail pretty bright so it might not be the best work color…but it is much more easy to work with than a bright orange would be. It’s one of those colors that looks different on different skin tones.

• Lemon Fizz – China Glaze (Spring 2010 “Up Up and Away” Collection)

Pretty milky yellow color. It was one of my NOTWs recently. I ended up really liking it on my nails… it made me happy. It’s much easier to wear than just a bright yellow would be because of the milkiness in the color.

• Mint Candy Apple – Essie

Sort of leans towards an aqua than just a light green, but still very spring like in my opinion. It’s another color that goes on very bright.

• Re-freshmint – China Glaze (Spring 2010 “Up Up and Away” Collection)

It’s more green than the previous Essie color. It could look a bit funny on certain skin tones, like mine for example. I’m not too too crazy about it, but I already knew I’d be iffy about it because I don’t think I look the best in light to mid-tone greens. It’s a good color to have though if you are looking for a light, milky green with no shimmer or pearl whatsoever.

• Jade is the New Black – OPI (Spring 2010 “Hong Kong” Collection)

As I said in my video, I haven’t worn this one yet, but I fell in love with the color as a swatch, seeing it on Scrangie’s site. Then I saw the bottle in the store, and I fell in love with it again. Then while video chatting with a friend, I fell in love with it again, because she had it on her nails. That’s in 3 different lights and representations that I fell in love with it. It looked great on Scrangie as well as my friend who’s more pale, and pinker in skin tone. It’s just dark enough where I think I’ll like it on my nails enough to really love it too 😀

• Flyin’ High – China Glaze (Spring 2010 “Up Up and Away” Collection)

This is a sort of light teal color. Actually it’s exactly that. It’s darker than the other pastelly milky colors that I chose so if you don’t really like them, there are options too.

• For Audrey – China Glaze

Lighter than “Flyin’ High”, this color is the perfect Tiffany (duh… I mean it’s for Audrey after all….) blue color. It’s pretty much an exact dupe to those blue boxes that bring so many ladies wonderful news about their futures. This is one of those colors that is versatile enough to use all year. It can be embellished with a silver sparkle on top for a wonderful holiday color, or just left alone this spring to use as a pastel aqua color.

• Sag Harbour – Essie

This blue is much more easy to wear on a daily basis than the other blue that I chose. It’s got some pearl to it, as well as some grayness to it. It’s beautiful… and those characteristics can be applied to make it applicable to a lot of different age groups.

• No Room For The Blues – OPI

BRIGHT blue. Not milky at all like any of the pastelled China Glaze colors. It’s a little more of a mid-tone than a light blue. Sky blue would be a good description… I liked this color on me because it was so fun.
• Agent Lavender – China Glaze
It’s a little more blue than a typical “lavender” would be I think. Pretty though.
• Light As Air – China Glaze (Spring 2010 “Up Up and Away” Collection)
This is more what a “lavender” is in my opinion. It’s less blue than “Agent Lavender” is and it’s a true pastel lavender. Gorgeous color. It also goes on bright like the other pastel colors so it’s not a color I would recommend for those who want to wear it to work (unless you’re allowed to, like I am…). Neither is Agent Lavender.

• Do You Lilac It? – OPI

I actually wouldn’t call it a lilac, but it’s a darker version of “Light as Air”. It’s a fun pastel purple… sort of like a non-grayed version of “Parlez-Vous OPI?” by OPI (swatch is underneath “Do You Lilac it”). Still not a purple I would recommend for work though.
• Puerto Vallarta Violeta – OPI
If you are looking for a purple color to wear to work, this is what I would recommend. It is closer to a pink than the other purples I have, but it’s still a purple. It’s very light, and has a slight pearlyness to it. It blended almost with my skin color so from afar it just makes your nails look maintained. I adore this color. It is discontinued though so it can be tricky to track down… I found it on eBay, but you can search through the various nail polish supply stores to find it, just be prepared to pay more for it than you normally would pay for a normal OPI polish.

• Strawberry Margarita – OPI

Bright, red pink. Love itttttttttt!!!!!! I sort of have an affinity for bright pinks because they’re so fun and can be worn a lot. You can dress them up or down to fit any occasion. They’re the best though in the spring time when there are bright flowers blooming and really everything is just bright and pretty. This color reminds me of spring break, spring dresses, spring flowers and really yummy strawberry candies.

• Make Love – OPI

This is a lighter, milkier pink color. It is more natural color for your nails, and is definitely work friendly. These lighter pinks are the more work friendly colors and are a nice alternative to just having your nails painted clear, or having a french manicure all the time.

• Bubble Bath – OPI

Now, you all know I HATE this color. The formula in mine is watery and difficult to work with. It gets sticky and blobby if you work with it to slowly, but too quickly it’s too watery to layer. I just think it’s so cumbersome and infuriating. The thing is, it’s an adorable baby pink color. The color of all those baby girl clothes you get for baby showers. It really is pretty and I do plan on working through the pain to get the color on my nails. It’s also a super popular color for the reason that it’s so work friendly, so pretty and can work on all ages.

• Who Needs A Prince? – OPI

This is a super interesting color, and one of my top 5 favorite OPI colors. It’s a white with a red shot through it. It makes it look pink but it’s not a pink. It’s a jelly formula, so it’s not creamy when it finishes. From afar it’s another color that makes your nails look maintained, but up close it’s just pretty and interesting.

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