I made this look for my second prom look. This is inspired by Anna Kendrick at the 2010 Academy Awards.
Please keep in mind that I am a) not fair skinned and b) will never look anything like her, so no matter how hard I try, this makeup will always look completely different on me than it does on her. Mostly because the skin tones and colors we have are so different that the colors I use will look different on us.
Anyways, I made this look for those of you who are fair and who do want a very neutral and almost non-makeup look to you.
This look is based on warmly accentuating all the features… the eyes are accentuated with a warm brown and some light shimmer, the cheeks are accentuated on the apples with a cute, warm pink glow, and the lips are accentuated with an amped up version of the color of her lips, but it’s not overwhelming at all.
I think these colors look best on somebody that does have the same combination as her (darker hair, blue eyes, very fair, matte skin).
In an unlikely (unlikely for me at least) twist of events, I also filled in my brows. Hers are clearly filled in, and it helps pull her look together and keep everything clean.
Here are the products I used:
– Urban Decay Primer Potion
– Mac “Bare Study Paint Pot”
– Mac “Kitchsmas” pigment
– Sleek iDivine Original Palette, light yellow/gold shimmer
– Sleek iDivine Storm Palette, matte light brown (Mac’s Soft Brown would be perfect for this)
– Mac “Mulch” eyeshadow
– Mac “Mylar” eyeshadow
– L’Oreal Lineur Intense Felt Tipped Liquid Liner
– Benefit Cosmetics “Downtown Brown” liner
– Rimmel London Glam Eyes mascara
– CoverGirl Eye Exacts Mascara
– Benefit Moon Beam
– Mac By Candelight Mineralize Skin Finish
– Benefit Dandelion
– CoverGirl Lip stain, 415
– Mac “Riveting” lipstick
– Neutrogena Dreamy lipgloss
– Mac 217 (or any blending brush that is shaped the same way…), you’re going to need 3 of these
– Flat Eye Shadow brush (I used Eco tools, but any one that’s relatively flat and pointed will work)
– Mac 224
– Mac 227
– Medium Shadow Brush (from Target, just make sure it’s more fluffy than flat and pointed)
– Sigma SS 187
– Sigma SS 168

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