1. Hypnotizing – Frost

From the Mac Love Lace Collection. Frosty heathered mauve. If Satin Taupe and Shale had a child, this would be it.

2. Pincurl – Frost
Another from Mac’s Love Lace Collection. Beautiful “Dusty white” (according to Mac), but it leans more of a light purple to me. Close to Crystal and Digit by Mac.
3. Beauty Marked – Velvet
Black with red sparkles. In the same family as Black Tied (even though they’re different finishes…) which is a black with silver sparkles. I prefer this one though because it’s not as strong. I think it’s because of the different finishes. Nonetheless, one of my favorites.

4. Shadowy Lady – Matte
“Blackened Plum” is very true. I took two photos so you can really see what a the color looks like in bright light (photo on the right). I don’t normally gravitate towards matte colors because I hate the texture… they can be chalky and most of the time they don’t apply evenly unless you pile them on. I love this though because it’s the best alternative to a matte black when you’re making a smokey eye.

5. Digit – Satin

Has some similar characteristics to Pincurl as well as to Crystal. I prefer this one though because it’s more purple. I love putting this all over the lid and just having a wash of purple with a simple black liner and mascara. Very easy, very pretty.
6. Club – Satin
The most interesting color I have (aside from Blue Brown which is a pigment that I… sort of despise). It’s a cool brown with a green duochrome. The green is super prominent in the photo. It’s just so unique because in different lights it can be a different color completely. It’s really very curious. I love it.
7. Satin Taupe – Frost
Probably one of the most popular Mac eyeshadows, and for very good reason. It’s the first eye shadow I had ever fallen in love with. It’s clearly a taupe – very mushroomy, frosty and pretty. It’s another great color to just wash over the lid and then do simple liner with. It’s also very versatile. When layered with different colors, different characteristics of this shadow are accentuated, or different characteristics of the other shadow are accentuated. It’s a cool color though so it won’t be something I gravitate towards all the time in the Spring.
8. Mulch – Velvet
This is a warm brown with gold reflects in it. It’s gorgeous. It’s a little too dark for me to just use as a single color on the lid. I use it more in the crease to warm up the look and sort of “smoke” it out.
9. Patina – Frost
One of my favorites (of the favorites :D). It’s a great lid color, and very useable. It’s a color that almost everybody can wear because it’s a warm color but it’s not too dark and it doesn’t lean in any significant direction in terms of reds, blues or yellows. The different components in the color (there are some redder shiney bits, but then again there are some silvery bits, and bronzey bits, and goldey bits, and yellow and blue bits. Subtle but it’s all there) are all able to highlight different components in different skin tones.
10. Mylar – Satin
The perfect highlight color. It’s MUCH lighter in real life… it’s just hard to get the undertones of the color in normal lighting because then it just portrays as white. So, in this lighting you can see that it has yellow undertones, which is why I love it as a highlight color. It’s like… 3 shades lighter than my skin tone. I do think though that because this color isn’t so overwhelmingly yellow, it can be used on all skin tones. I love to use it with a Mac 227 under the brow and then to pull it down a bit to soften up the outer shadow edges.

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