Brand: Mac Cosmetics
Color: Red-Brown
Finish: Glaze
Price: $14.00
This was my first Mac lipstick. I bought this when I was still completely new to Mac… I was at the counter one day (possibly part of my 2 weeks where I was there every other day…) and I decided that I wanted a lipstick. The girls at the counter at that point knew who I was and knew that I just liked to browse for awhile before making a decision. (Normally they’d ask a lot of questions so they could service me as quick as possible. A little pushy but helpful I guess…).
I had no idea at that point that the lipsticks had finishes to them. There were clearly labels but I paid no attention to them.
I simply just picked the one that looked the prettiest, and after I swatched it, I would choose which one I would buy it.
So, this is the one I happened to pick up.
I got home and opened the box and put it on. That was when I simply fell in love with the color. I loved that it wasn’t too opaque so that it wasn’t too overwhelming. I loved that it was a red I could wear everyday.
It actually reminded me of a Clinique color (Plum Brandy) that I LOVED and had never repurchased because they ran out before I could.
So, this lipstick is special to me.
The finish is a glaze, meaning it has a soft gloss to it and it applies sheer. The picture of the color on my lips shows 1 coat of the color.
It is possible to build this color a little bit more, but it’s not going to be a super opaque red color.
For somebody that doesn’t have that much natural pigmentation in their lips (some people have naturally red lips. Not me) the glaze finishes are great because you can apply a sheer wash of color and that alone can make you look more put together.
Overall, I love this lipstick. All Mac lipsticks are the same price… I think because so many brands carry a color similar to this, it’s not a super must have, but again, it was my first Mac Lipstick, and it was a color similar to one that I had previously loved from Clinique. The finish makes this lipstick compatible for an everyday look, as well as a night look because it’s sheer with 1 coat, as well as slightly more buildable for a more bright lip at night.

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