Viva Glam: Cyndi and Gaga
Riveting Collection: Riveting Lipstick

Viva Glam Cyndi (Left): Red/Coral. Lustre finish.
Viva Glam Gaga (Middle): Bright blue-toned pink. Lustre finish.
Mac “Riveting” Lipstick (Right): Ashy Mauve. Glaze finish. (From the “Riveting” collection)
To be honest, I like Cyndi more that I like Gaga. Everybody has been going crazy over Gaga’s lipstick, and I see why, but…. I’m actually way more into Cyndi. That’s not to say that I wasn’t excited about it, but from when I saw the swatches on Temptalia, I was more attracted to Cyndi. Probably because I don’t really wear pinks.
Mac describes the Lustre lipstick finishes as “Lustre-full, pure of hue. Feels like nothing on, looks fresh wet. Makes lips shiny, soft, subtle, ultra kissable.”
Sounds sort of like a glaze to me. But I guess it’s a little more pigmented? There are some things that Mac does that I’d like explained to me (like the difference between a Veluxe, Velvet and Veluxe Pearl in eyeshadows…) but nonetheless I buy their products anyways.
To get to the point, I love Cyndi because it’s so much more wearable for me than Gaga is. I can’t ever foresee myself wearing a bright pink lipstick. It’d look slightly ridiculous on me. I could probably just get away with tapping the color on my lips and getting a soft wash of the color but I think I look much better in browner tones.
Gaga was sold out almost immediately on Mac’s website… it took Cyndi quite a while for it to sell out. Perhaps because Cyndi is less unique as a color, and because Gaga is so popular.
As for packaging, like all the Viva Glam lipsticks, the tube is the same as the other Mac lipsticks, just the silver part is red instead. Red is the color for AIDS awareness. If you didn’t know, Viva Glam is part of the Mac AIDS Fund and 100% of the sales that come from any Viva Glam product goes directly to AIDS research. So, I don’t feel bad AT ALL that I bought 2 of each of these (yes I bought 2 Gaga’s. I just never want to run out of it. I’m weird. I know). The only different part of the Viva Glam Cyndi/Gaga lipsticks compared to the other Viva Glams is that Cyndi and Gaga’s signatures came on the box and are on the side of the lipstick as well. Nothing special really. Just part of the marketing to get the lipsticks to sell.
Mac’s “Riveting” lipstick came from the small “Riveting” collection, based on a David Bowie like glam rock look. Lots of silvers, bright pinks and mauves. This lipstick is the only product that really appealed to me so it was the only one I bought. I also thought it’d be a little less ashy based on pictures I saw so when it came, it surprised me that it was so…. not colored? I thought it was going to be closer to “Intricate” lipstick from the “Love Lace” collection: frostier and more purple-y. It’s not.
The finish is a glaze, so it’s not like the color is going to go on strong. That’s a total plus. I’m not necessarily disappointed with this lipstick, if that’s what it sounds like, I’m just surprised that it was so different than from what I was expecting. It’s actually sort of like the nail polish color “Metro Chic” by Sephora (if you know what that looks like).
It reminds me of the lipstick color Samantha Chapman used in her Marla Singer (Helena Bonham Carter) tutorial on her Pixiwoo YouTube channel. It’s a sort of color that could be used to make you look a little zombie-ish. Although you can use it to do that, you can also use it to neutralize your lips/take out the warmth if you have a much more bold eye look, and have color on your lips at the same time.
Lip Gelée: Shift to Pink, Preppy
Shift to Pink (Left): Blue/Fuschia Pink.
Preppy (Right): Red-Pink. Super Bright.
I’m sort of iffy on the Lip Gelées. I really really really want to love them, I just don’t. I don’t hate them but I don’t love them.
These both came from the “Mac in Lillyland” collection. To be honest, I wasn’t super enthused about that collection at all. The only reason I purchased these (extremely late, by the way) was because there were so many raves about them on YouTube. There were originally 4 colors, the other two include a more orange color, and a lighter pink color. Those were sold out on the Mac site when I ordered these, so I might track them down on eBay.
The reason I’m so iffy about them is because they’re TOO shimmery. I love shimmer. Love it. Especially in lip glosses. So obviously I’m a dazzleglass lover. The reviews I had seen on the Lip Gelées have all mentioned that these are better than the dazzleglasses because they’re not as sticky, you get way more and they’re cheaper, and they’re way more sparkly. What I failed to realize is that “way more sparkly” is literally WAY MORE SPARKLY. Like WHOA. I like that it’s this sparkly I do, but it’s the other components that I have a slight problem with.
The gloss being less sticky makes me feel like the product dries out faster on my lips. When it does, the gloss goes away and what’s left is this thick, extremely pigmented metallic foil on my lips. It’s sort of… not cute. I find that the dazzleglasses may be sticky but they stay glossier for longer. And when they do dry out, there’s just soft glitters left. Not a coating of bright pink metallic sparkle foil.
Now that I reflect on some of these purchases, I don’t really know why I bought so much pink when I don’t really wear that much pink… I do plan on using these products, just very sparingly in order to create a much more sheer wash of color. I’ll probably just use my finger to dot my lips with these products on either my top or bottom lip, and then blend it into whatever color I plan to put on top, or under. Same plan as the Gaga lipstick. In other words, I plan to use this product to mimic the dazzleglasses. :/
Hopefully I’ll be able to experiment more with these and figure out the best way to use them and the best way to get results from them. I know that I CAN’T just wear them like so many people do on YouTube because it’s too pigmented and too sparkly for me. Too much pink! PINK OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eye Shadow: Club, Beautiful Iris, Parfait Amour
These are the 3 eyeshadows I bought:
– Club (Left): “Red-Brown with green pearl” (à la Mac site). Satin.
– Beautiful Iris (Middle): Lavender with a pretty silvery sheen. Veluxe Pearl.
– Parfait Amour (Right): Violet with slight pinky sheen. Frost.
Now these are closer to colors that I actually wear. Well, I don’t wear green that much, but Club was so pretty I couldn’t resist.
Sam Chapman from Pixiwoo (who I mentioned earlier) raved about Club before in one of her videos and it really caught my attention. She rarely raves about individual products… like really raves. She’ll give small reviews, and initial reactions to new products she has, but when it comes to products she had from her past like all her Mac products, she never really gives reviews on them. I mean she’ll tell you if something is a good everyday color, but it’s never “I LOVE THIS MAC PRODUCT.” So when she did that with Club, I knew I just had to try it.
Like the second swatch picture, the most prominent color you see is the brown. It’s a warm brown, not too dark. When you catch it in the light correctly though, you get this gorgeous and interesting green reflect like duochrome. It’s gorgeous. Sam Chapman said that if you use the right base, the green is either emphasized or muted. So, I will be experimenting to see what the best combination is for this color.

Beautiful Iris was a color that sayanythingbr00ke raved about in her videos. She says it’s one of her favorite Mac purples, and being a purple lover I bought it. I really do have an extensive purple collection. It’s bordering bad because some of them are super similar. Especially when you factor in the purples that I’ve bought from all of those limited edition collections (I’m working on a comparison/dupes post for a bunch of different Mac shadows).
I’m probably going to use this as a lid color or an under the brow highlight. It’s very pretty. And I’m very pleased.
The color itself is a light lavender color, with a silvery shimmer in it. It doesn’t go on very strong, and it’s definitely a buildable color. It’s a color that’s basically cool, but when applied over a warm base, like Mac’s Shadestick in “Cuddle” which is a warm, metallic soft lemon color, it’ll be a purple with a warm shine underneath. The other 3 colors I like to do that with is Crystal (Frost, permanent) which is similar in color and lighter, Digit (Satin, permanent) also similar in color, just lighter, and Pincurl (Frost, Limited Edition from Love Lace) which is a bit ashier and lighter.
Lastly, is Parfait Amour, which I saw in Tiffany D’s blog post about her Mac palettes. She had labelled it as one of her favorites, so it was another that I had to try.
It’s bluer, and more mid-toned than the other purples I have. Again, it’s another lid color. I might try putting it over a warm base, but I think the blue in the eyeshadow would just make the color a little muddied. Also, this color has this very slight, but beautiful pinky-red sheen to it in different light. It’s impossible to capture on film. I don’t have a color like this so I’m also very pleased with this purchase.

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