I’m happy to let you know that it’s pouring rain where I live right now.
Why am I happy about that?
Well, for starters, I walked to work today. And then 20 minutes later I walked back because somebody actually did take my shift (I had requested the day off).
Next, the rain? Well it’s a stormy, windy rain, not a simple rain. So an umbrella really was useless.
And, well today I put on my makeup before it started raining. Luckily, out of habit, I used mostly waterproof products because of the chance that somebody might drown and I need to get in and save them. I’m going to be completely shallow now and admit, when I’m saving somebody, I don’t want runny mascara. Not. Attractive.
So when I got home after my 2 walks in the pouring rain, I went to the bathroom to check out what I looked like.
And well… I looked the same as before I left to go to work.
Amazing right?
To be honest, my foundation (Mac Studio Fix Fluid) didn’t get weird, cakey or streaky.
Concealer (Mac Studio Sculpt Concealer) didn’t seem to go anywhere.
Blushes (Benefit Dandelion and Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in Comfort and By Candelight)? Kinda faded but faded as a whole, and I still had an obvious blush on my cheeks. The MSF shimmer was still there as well.
My eyes were a base of Urban Decay Primer Potion mixed with Bare Study Paint Pot by Mac, with Sleek’s gold color from the Storm Palette, and then Patina by Mac on top. I put some Mulch by Mac in the crease. I used Vanilla by Mac as a highlight under the brow and slightly above the lid colors to tone down the edges.
I lined on the top with MUFE’s Liquid Eyeliner. Then I had Rimmel London’s Glam Eyes and Cover Girl’s Exact Eyelights Waterproof in Black Pearl together.
My eyes were completely the same as when I had left.
It was, well kind of odd how much it all stayed on my face.
Here’s a Pic:
Next time I’ll for sure do before and after so you guys can all see!

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