Nordstrom was having a 1 day promotion where if you bought 2 Mac eyeshadows, then you’d get 1 free Shroom Eye Shadow.
(Humid, Shroom, Soba)
Very fun because I didn’t have Shroom and had been eyeing it… so getting it for free was totally awesome.
Here are the eyeshadows I bought:
– Shroom: Satin, beigey gold color. Perfect for highlighting under the brow.
– Soba: Satin, sort of like soft brown, but in satin form. It’s sort of close to my skin tone, and so it’s hard to see in the swatch (but it’s there I promise). Soba is actually a Japanese noodle, and the eyeshadow is nowhere near to the color that soba noodles actually are. This is sort of the color a broth would be actually, maybe lighter and milkier? A good color to contour the eye with though.
– Humid: Frost. Jungley, rich green. More earthy toned then… neon? (i guess would be the opposite). I don’t normally gravitate towards greens, but I was attracted to this one because it’s so deep.
Now here’s the stuff from Lush. I ordered primarily permanent items, but some limited ones like the Valentine’s Day stuff, and a perfume:
– So White Fragrance: Very fresh, pure appley scent. I’m excited to use this for spring time. I have used it a couple of times and I’ve noticed it’s not as potent or long-lasting like most perfumes are. It might be that this is more “organic” (less chem-y) then the high end fragrances are. Because of that, I don’t think it should have been $40.
– Green Party Bath Bomb: This was a limited edition holiday bath bomb (i believe…). It’s sort of tree-y in how it smells… it has flowers and confetti in it. I’m sort of intimidated by the size. It’s definitely something that I’ll cut in half or thirds and use multiple times. It’s musky and earthy, not really a scent that I normally have the urge to buy, so I’m glad that I picked this in one of the holiday promotion things so that I can try it and see how I like this genre of scent.
-MMM Melting Marshmallow Moments Bath Melt: This is the sort of scent that I gravitate to, in terms of bath/candle items (i hate sugary perfumes). Also rather large, it’s another item that I’m going to end up cutting in half and enjoying multiple times 😀
– Comforter Bubble Bar: This was also another overwhelmingly large item. I’m glad that these are the size they are because they were a bit pricey. It’s another sweet candy-like scent. And pink! Hopefully this will turn the bath pink, like my first Creamy Candy bubble bar did.
– Creamy Candy Bubble Bar: So I guess the flowers are different colors depending on when/where you get them? The first time I ordered one of these (online) the flower was blue. On the website the flower is pink. The one I just got is yellow. Cute, huh? I love this product… it smells like bubblegum, it makes your bath smell like bubblegum, and it turns the water pink. I do wish the bubbles frothed more and lasted longer, but I think because it starts as a solid, it doesn’t froth as well as a soapy bubble bath would (like Mr. Bubbles or any BBW bubble bath). Anyways, I loved it so much the first time, I had to get another :]
– Snowshowers Shower Jelly: It’s citrusy, and…I guess what snow smells like. This was another item I got for free, and it was a holiday item. I read on this site (scroll to the middle) that this was supposed to smell like oranges, cognac, and champange. To me, I smell lemon, and… snow. I really do need to get better at this… but anyways I had never used a Shower Jelly so my first experience was interesting. I’d seen on various YouTube vids that you’re supposed to scrunch it into a loofa, so I did that. It frothed pretty well I guess, but I was sort of freaking out because there was jell-o everywhere. I liked that it smelled very fresh, and invigorating, especially because I use it in the morning. This jar has about 5 or 6 uses in it. I take my fingers and just rip out a small palm sized amount and that’s plenty for my body.
– Buffy (The Backside Slayer) Body Butter: I love the abrasive texture of this. It’s like a pumice stone for your body. The first time around, I ordered one of these, and got a sample of Porridge soap. I had essentially watched a bunch of YouTube videos and got the impression that they were for the same thing, just one was more abrasive. Porridge, being a soap was creamier, and the little nubs of oatmeal in them were softer. I personally prefer Buffy because it has a creamy and softness to it in the body butter part, but also has a very… sand-papery roughness to it that makes me feel like I’m really exfoliating my skin. My skin is always very soft after my bath after using Buffy. I use it to shave my legs too. If Porridge didn’t have any of the things in it, I think I’d prefer it. But it doesn’t. So, oh well.
– Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar: A Valentine’s Day product. I have yet to use it, but I think the top and bottom of the mushroom are 2 different scents. They don’t have any more of these on the Lush website. I’ll be sure to post an in-depth review of this because I’m so in love with it. Here’s the description from the site:
“Starting with its charming mushroom shape we added two enchanting scents – Vanillary in the white parts and fruity Yummy Yummy in the red cap – to bewitch everyone who bathes with it. Use it with your favourite fungi and you’ll soon be making magic.”
– You’ve Been Mangoed Bath Melt: See an in-depth review here.
– A Gold Star Bubble Bar: citrusy bubble bar. I have yet to use it. It was a holiday item though so you can’t get them on the Lush site anymore. This is another that I’ll post an in-depth review for.
– Love Soap: another Valentine’s Day product. It’s very pretty, first of all, with it’s pinky-red clear base and pink glitter on top. Sort of jasmine-y and flirty. Appropriate for Valentine’s Day, I guess. It’s not too scented which is nice because I don’t always want a heavily scented soap.
– Ickle Angel/Devil Bath Bomb: I’ve used the Ickle Baby one and I love it for the price it is ($2.95). I think this is one of the most fairly priced items, for what it does and how long it lasts. It’s kind of lame in the fizz department… granted it’s not big. But it smells like calming lavender and it’s also milky. This is advertised as for baths for toddlers, but I like them. They kind of look creepy (especially the angel one…). And given that I didn’t really want it for the fizz, I’m super happy with it.
– Butterball Bath Bomb: I’ve never used this, but it has a great reputation. A lot of people got the Mr. Butterball (which is the holiday version, shaped like a snowman). Practically speaking, I think the original version makes more sense to use… the one that’s shaped like a man a) is kind of sad to watch fizz away in your bath and b) the original (i think) is bigger, so you get more for what you pay for. Nonetheless, I think this is another that I’ll be thoroughly reviewing after I use it.

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