Sorry for the brief hiatus… I’ve been busy with school, work… the Olympics…. (obsessing over Sidney Crosby…)

But, I figured I’d update my blog so that you guys wouldn’t think I’ve abandoned you :p
My first experience with Lush was actually the “You’ve Been Mangoed” bath melt.
I have previously reviewed the Therapy Massage Bar, but the actual first product I had ever used was this bath melt.
I recently got another shipment from Lush, and this was part of the stuff I ordered. I ordered a couple, so I could finally take a photo of it and review it for you guys.
The first thing I noticed, when I first used it, was that it didn’t smell like mangoes at all. It’s a bar that’s the color of a mango, says “mango” and is called “You’ve Been Mangoed” and it didn’t smell like mangoes. Confusing. What it does smell like though is a refreshing and lovely lemon. Not like… cleaning product. But a more luscious lemon (ha. lush-ous…). I mean, I would have loved that it smelled like mangoes, but the lemon scent is really quite nice.
It takes a while for it to melt in the bath, which you’d think it wouldn’t do because of how big it is in real life. It’s about an inch and a half wide, and 3-4 inches long. Not big at all. For me I found that it did last me a good 30-40 mins, without touching it. Obviously if you squeeze it or stress it out, it’s not going to last as long. It’s a product that I’d use if I was able to take a leisurely bath.
The oils that come out of it are very very orange and kinda stuck to the side of my bathtub, which was a little annoying because I wanted those oils to… well stick to me and condition my skin. It did make my bath water nice and moisturizing though and you will be able to feel the difference.
Overall this is one of my favorite products I’ve tried from Lush, and that includes 2 bubble bars, a shower jelly, 3 soaps, and 2 massage bars.
I’ve a whole box of new Lush stuff that I will be hauling (in a YT vid) so I’m excited to try all my new goodies.

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