• Mac 204 Lash Brush
Just a spooley. I’m not anywhere near a store that sells disposable ones, and so I’m fine with just spending $11 for one that I’m going to clean and keep forever.

• Mac 15 Palette
15 spaced magnetic palette that fits Mac Eye Shadows. The palette itself is larger than the Stars Makeup Haven palette. Compared to the MUFE palette, the eye shadows are much easier to remove in the Mac palette.
Top Row:
Mylar, Vanilla, Patina, Satin Taupe, Woodwinked
Tilt, Phloof!, All That Glitters, Sable, Cranberry
Digit, Shale, Nocturnelle, Shadowy Lady, Black Tied
– Mylar (Satin): Good highlight color. Slightly pinker creamy-white. Slight shimmer.
– Vanilla (Velvet): Another highlight color. Peachier and slightly darker than Mylar. Small silver/white glitters.
– Patina (Frost): Goldy-taupe. Similar to Woodwinked, less shiny though. Good neutral color for the lid.
– Satin Taupe (Frost): Taupe, cooler than Patina, slightly darker. One of my favorites to just wash over the lid.
– Woodwinked (Veluxe Pearl): Warm “antiqued” gold. It’s finish is super metallic and gorgeous. Another great neutral to wash over the lid.
– Tilt (Frost): Described on the Mac website as “Violet w/blue-green pearl”. I see it as an aqua with a green/aqua shot through it. Very pretty, can’t wait to use it :D.
– Phloof! (Frost): Frosty off white. Like the color of cream cheese frosting. Another color for a highlight, especially in the inner corner.
– All That Glitters (Veluxe Pearl): Reddish bronzey beige color. Basically coppery.
– Sable (Velvet): Goldy-brown tinted with a reddish bronze? It’s hard to explain… it has the same base color as Patina but instead of a gold overtone it’s like a copper overtone.
– Cranberry (Frost): Cranberry color with a frostyness of… pink? It’s not silver because then that’d be metallic. But very fall, very pretty.
– Digit (Satin): Soft violet. Similar to Crystal, just not duochromed.
– Shale (Satin): Close to Hypnotizing (Love Lace Collection), Satin Taupe… in that family. More purple than Satin Taupe. Very good substitute for Hypnotizing. Silvery, Mauvey Plum.
– Nocturnelle (Frost): “Pinked-up chrome purple” is what Mac describes it to be. It’s a mid-tone red-purple. Similar to Underland/Flash from the Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Palette.
– Shadowy Lady (Matte): Blackened plum. Like the color of a blackberry in real life.
– Black Tied (Velvet): Matte black with silver sparkles.
Mylar, Vanilla, Patina, Satin Taupe, Woodwinked
Tilt, Phloof!, All That Glitters, Sable, Cranberry
Digit, Shale, Nocturnelle, Shadowy Lady, Black Tied
• Mac Dazzleglasses: She-Zam, Phiff!, Jingle-Jangle
All three of these Dazzleglasses are on the Goodbyes list on the Mac website. Very sad, because they’re all very pretty.
Left: She-Zam (top), Jingle-Jangle (middle), Phiff! (bottom). Right: She-Zam, Phiff!, Jingle-Jangle.
– She-Zam:
This is a beautiful silver sparkle with slight lilac sparkles inside it. It’s super hard to depict in a photo… hopefully you can see it? Like all the Dazzleglasses, it’s sticky but mega sparkly.
– Phiff!
Pretty pink and gold sparkles. Looks more like pink gold (as in the jewelry).
– Jingle-Jangle:
Strawberry-salmon pink color. Gold sparkles. Gorgeous.
• Mac Spring Colour Forecast
Colour 3 Eye Shadow Quad
Quad: Mink Pink (top left), Bruised Plum (top right), Black Tulip (bottom left), Jungle Moon (bottom right).
Swatches: Jungle Moon, Black Tulip, Bruised Plum, Mink Pink
– Mink Pink (Veluxe): Neutral soft pink. Super close to my skin tone, so I’d use it as a highlight or as a color to tone down the edges on my eye shadow.
– Bruised Plum (Veluxe Pearl): Frosted “dirty” mauve. Similar to shale, just more pink.
– Black Tulip (Frost): Frosty grape color. Like a purple marker by Crayola, just frosted.
– Jungle Moon (Matte): Very similar to Shadowy Lady. Jungle Moon is slightly lighter.
Beigeland Lipstick
Beigeland is a frost. It’s beige (duh…) with a silvery gold shimmer run through it. It’s the first frost lipstick I’ve bought so I’m excited to see how to use it in a look.
Phlox Lipstick
Phlox is a glaze. The pink barely shows up on my skin. What’s gorgeous about this color is that it has a blue reflect to it that really shows through. Hard to photograph, but is very lovely in real life.

Nanogold Eye Shadow
Nanogold is a “Luster”. Normally it’s spelled “Lustre” so I don’t know if it’s a different formula or if it’s the same…then again the Mac website says “Lustre”, so my sticker is just wrong. Nonetheless, it’s very different from the other Lustres. This one is not flakey at all. It’s a very pretty highlight color, similar to Phloof! just more yellow.
Radicchio Lipstick
Lustre. Pretty medium pink. Different color than I have purchased before, and I don’t normally buy pink lipsticks, so really this (and the others) are totally outside my comfort zone. It’s a smooth finish, not as shiny as a glaze, but about the same color pay-off (mid-sheer).

Bubblegum Lipstick
Glaze. Glazes are my favorite finish because it’s like having a gloss and lipstick on at the same time. This lipstick is particularly pretty because it’s a bubblegum pink with a gold shimmer. Like Bubbalicious bubblegum. Very cute.
Da Bling Eye Shadow
Veluxe Pearl. Sort of like Bubblegum lipstick but in eye shadow form. Medium pink with goldy shimmer in it.
Lavender Wind Lipglass
Similar to Little Vi Tinted Lipglass, but less sheer, and less pink. Cute color as well. It’s another purple color that I like. It as a pretty blue reflect in it like Phlox does.

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