Part…5? 6? Of my humongo haul.

Large J’Adore Baghaus Bag (red)

I love this bag because it’s huge, and holds everything. It has a canvas body, so it’s not rigid. I love my black leather tote to carry flat things, but when I just want to pile things in a bag, this is what I choose. The striped red bow is super cute… and it has a bunch of pockets. One big one in the front, one small zippered on on the inside, a zippered compartment in the midd of the bag and 3 open pockets on the other side, inside the bag. The leather straps take a little bit of wear in order to make them more flexible, but I still just love this bag. Another huge plus is that it zips shut on top (if it’s not overstuffed) so when it rains the stuff inside is relatively safe.
Paradisco “Cutie” Bag (black)
I like to use this on the weekends or when I’m not at school. It’s a medium sized bag that zips shut on top. The body is leather with a patent leather strap across the front. Inside there are 4 pockets, one zippered, one cellphone pocket and 2 other open pockets. On the back there is also another zippered pocket. The straps are thick and pretty long so you can easily hold it on your shoulder. It holds a lot more than you’d think.
Overall user-friendly and convenient.
OPI Smitten With Mittens
Red with gold sparkle.
Duplicate would be China Glaze’s Ruby Pumps.
This is from the 2009 winter collection. I LOVE this nail polish and pretty much would die without it so I ordered a spare.
Sorry the photo is… upside down? The swatch is in the middle.
• Benefit Cosmetics
Kitten Goes To Paris, Sparkling Body Powder Puff
This is the first Benefit product I ever bought, back in sixth grade (8 years ago). I love the vintage feel of it being a puff that you put all over. The shimmer itself is a super fine silver shimmer that isn’t too overwhelming. In fact, it’s sort of like what the Twilight folks look like in the sun… or like 25% of that. I love it. These are super limited on the Benefit site, so I’d grab one asap (I bought 2).
Here’s a close up of the shimmer:
Benefit Dandelion Box of Powder
This is a sheer soft pink blush. One of the original Box of Powders. It has a slight gold glow in it. I’ve always wanted to try it.
All of the Box of Powders have a very soft finish to them…. they feel soft, they look soft.
Here’s a swatch of the powder on my hand… It’s actually more pink in person, but you can see that it blends really well into the skin.
Benefit Silky Powder Eye Shadow, Soft Shoulder
It’s a super soft matte eye shadow in a really odd color. This formula is much much nicer than than matte eye shadows from both MUFE and Mac… theirs are a bit grainy and chalky. This one is super smooth and soft. The odd thing is the color… it’s basically a warm reddish skin tone, about 2 shades darker than mine. I can see myself using this more as a blush than a shadow…. just to try it out I did use it as an eye shadow today before I took a shower, and it looked like I hadn’t slept in a long time. I looked super tired. Pixiwoo did a video based on Marla Singer (Helena Bonham Carter) from Fight Club. Basically, my eyes looked like that. Which then inspired me to do a zombie/corpse bride look. So, we’ll see.
Here’s the swatch.

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