Photos and a brief review to the haul of stuff I got from Sephora, Stars Makeup Haven and the drugstore.

– OPI Dutch Tulips
Midtone Red/Pink creme, pretty much exactly what I’d imagine a tulip’s color to be. The polish applied smoothly, and was a the bottle’s color in just two coats. I bought it thinking that I had a color like this already (Manicurist of Seville) but I didn’t… it was subtly lighter that Manicurist of Seville, and pinker. Very pretty. I feel like it’s a color I can wear all year around, because it’s slightly pinker than a red, so it’s not too heavy in the spring/summer, but since it’s a red, I can wear it in the fall and winter as well.
Left: Top 1/3 1 coat, bottom 2/3 2 coats (picture was taken while still wet so it was pooling a little bit).
Right: Dutch Tulips on the left, and Manicurist of Seville on the right.

– Neutrogena Moistureshine Gloss, Dreamy (20)

I have two Neutrogena glosses and I like the frosty/shimmery formula better. This is my third tube of the color “Dreamy”. I remember I bought the first one maybe in 6th or 7th grade… a long time ago. The second one I bought last April, and I’ve used about half of it. I always have it with me. This is the third, and I have to say the only reason I have bought this color so many times is because I can’t find a duplicate for the color and formula. The other Neutrogena lipgloss I have is a matte dark rosy pink, and the formula dries out quickly. But this one doesn’t dry out at all and lost a long time, plus adds a succulent moisturized shine.
One coat of this color gives you a soft, taupy tint on your lips with a slight silvery/gold shimmer. I love this because it’s not sticky or thick at all like Mac lipglosses, so if I want just a sheer color and I’m on the go or it’s windy outside, I use this. It also feels like it conditions… but that may just be my imagination :]. Two coats is enough to give your lips a legitimate color. It’s very pretty. Super bonus is that it smells fruity and delicious.

– L’Oreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner, Carbon Black (690)
I originally bought this because it was on sale at CVS, and I figured it’d be easier to apply than just a normal liquid liner with a wand and brush like my Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes black liquid liner. I thought that the cap would just come off and it’d be like a marker, but it’s still a wand, just with a felt tip. I do think the felt tip is easier than the bristled end of the liquid liner I already have. I don’t know if this one is water proof… I don’t think it is, so that’s a bummer.
As for the color, it actually came out as if it was a marker… like a black felt tip pen applies, sort of sheer and slightly watery. The Make Up For Ever black liner is more like a paste, or paint, and applies very black. This one applies like… 90% black, and feels like ink. I don’t have very much outstanding praise for it, nor do I have very much outstanding hate for it.
– L’Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara, Black (970)
I honestly prefer the normal length mascara wand… the little ball made it take way longer, even if it got into the small lashes on either end of my lash line. I found that the regular lengthed mascara wands make thickening on the top lashline, and then sweeping up to lengthen the lashes much easier. The ball shape only came in handy when I did my bottom lashes because I have such fine bottom lashes, and they are really close to my under-eye area.
The formula itself was nice because I could tell that it lengthened my lashes. So, I’ll probably just go and get a regular L’Oreal telescopic mascara, and probably in the water proof formula.
Stars Makeup Haven
– Empty 15 eye shadow palette, 15 pans, 15 magnets
Stars Makeup Haven is a site that sells palettes, pans and magnets for all of those who wish to press their own pigments. They also sell pigment samples.
I bought the 15 pans, 15 magnets and 15 space palette, all for $8.95 (an empty Mac palette with no shadows is $12.00). I ordered a bunch of Mac pigment samples from but those haven’t come yet… basically if you order 3 samples of one pigment, it’s enough to press into one of these pans and fill it. That comes out to be about $4 a shadow. 4 x 15 is $60. If you add the $8.95 it costs to get the palette and the pans and magnets, it’s about $70. Plus $2 for rubbing alcohol means the total for a palette of 15 pressed Mac Pigments is $72 (without shipping and tax for both sites… then it comes out to be about $85). If you buy a 15 palette with the shadows from Mac, it comes out to be $177. That’s $100 saved.
There isn’t much to say about the products I bought from here, but that the pans with the magnets don’t actually stick to the palette because the palette isn’t magnetized. Other than that there isn’t much to say but that it’s cheap and worth it.

Sephora Products:
– 100 Point Perk: Sephora Smoothing Primer Deluxe Sample
I still haven’t used it yet, and have never used a Sephora primer before, but am excited to use it. It seems similar to the Lorac Aqua Primer that was more like a serum, and not a cream based primer. Hopefully it will stay on all day because I have oily skin.
– Kat Von D True Romance Eye Shadow Palette, Metal Orchestra

Here are the names of the colors in order from left to right:
First Class, Techno, Thrasher, Dagger, Lucifer, Glock, Razor Grey, Slayer (cream)
It’s a nice collection of blue and silver eye shadows to make a good smokey eye. There are a few frosts, sparkles and mattes.
When applying the swatches, the most pigmented colors were the frosts: First Class, Techno, Glock and Razer Grey. The mattes/sparkles were a bit chalky (Thrasher, Dagger, Lucifer) but still had a fair amount of pigmentation, especially after layering.
My Slayer (cream) was absolutely not creamy. It was dried out almost completely. I had to rub my finger on super hard for me to get just a little silver out of it, and I even tried using it wet, with my finger and a brush. Still no results, so I was super disappointed about that.
Here are pics of the swatches:
First Class, Techno, Thrasher, Dagger
Slayer, Razor Grey, Glock, Lucifer
Slayer, after 5 minutes of warming up the shadow and rubbing super hard
The palette comes with two tiny double sided brushes with synthetic hair.
– Kat Von D Kat Eye Brush Set
I bought the brush set to go with the eye shadow palette, and to have an easy to travel with brush set. The brushes themselves are pretty soft, not as soft as the Mac or Sigma ones (review coming). The sleeve that it comes with is slightly padded, which is nice because it adds a little bit of protection for the brushes. It also comes with a folded over leather flap to protect the top of the brushes.
It comes with an angled brush, a short dense shader brush, a short crease/blending brush, a squared off brush and an angled brush.
As with the True Romance palette, I love the packaging… the black with white rose “tattoo” design is very Kat Von D and sleek as well as feminine. I’m a sucker for packaging so really, it’s an added bonus.
– Make Up For Ever Palette + Eye Shadows
Left: Palette, 92, 60, 83 with flash. Right: Palette, 92, 60, 83 no flash, natural daylight.
Left: 60, with flash (closer to true color). Right: 83, with flash (closer to true color).
92, Left: natural day light. Right: flash. The true color is closer to the right, but still a combination of the two.
The eye shadows are under the “colored blush” section in the actual Make Up For Ever line, but on the Sephora site it’s under “eye shadow”.
Number 60 and 92 are both matte colors.
60 is a pretty Navy Blue. I had been looking for a good quality and highly pigmented navy and knew about MUFE’s products but didn’t feel like spending the money for it because MUFE is so expensive. Turns out it was totally worth it. Each individual shadow is $19.00. Mac shadows are $14.50 each, but are smaller so in terms of the products it turns out to be about the same price for the amount of product you get. The formula of the navy matte is sheer on a first swipe but builds extremely well. Also it was difficult to get the swatch off of my hand afterwards, and that was without any primer, so I’m excited to actually use it and have bold, long lasting color all day.
92 is the famous purple that MUFE makes. It truly is the most vibrant, deep and gorgeous purple I own. That includes any of the purples in the Coastal Scents palettes, the Mac colors and any drugstore colors. It doesn’t seem very extraordinary in any picture online, because the true color is so hard to depict. Like the navy, it doesn’t come off, and after layering the color just gets more vibrant.
Today I layered it in the corner on top of a shimmery brown and it was still able to keep it’s vibrancy. (see post before this).
Both mattes took a bit of patience though in order to apply evenly, just because it’s a matte color. Blending it definitely helps.
83 is a shimmery turquoise. It’s a frost and the formula is very much like the Mac frosts, although a bit softer. The mattes, like most matte colors, are a bit chalky. The shimmery color applies evenly and looks very pretty.
The color itself is a turquoise with silvery gold shimmer. Very pretty. There isn’t any color in my current collection that I have, although some of the Coastal Scents colors come close.

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