Two pics of the bottle, and one coat of Adina on my index finger, no base or top coat.

This is my first nail polish from Zoya, and I absolutely love it. Just with one coat you get a sheer lavender with a gorgeous green/gold duochrome. With two coats, the lavender comes through beautifully, and with three coats the duochrome is AMAZING.
That is a photo taken on my computer… it’s not as good of quality but that was the best way to really show the duochrome. That was with Seche Vite’s Crystal Clear Base Coat, 3 coats of Adina, and then a coat of Seche Viet’s Dry Fast Top Coat.
It applies smoothly… not streaky at all and doesn’t dry out too quickly and become sticky and goopy.
I’m a huge fan of OPI’s large brushes, and so switching to a different nail polish and their skinnier brushes throws me off – it takes longer to apply nail polish and it becomes easier to make your nails streaky. None of that happened with this nail polish though.
Overall I’m in love with how gorgeous this color is, and impressed with the formula. I’m totally looking forward to ordering more Zoya colors 😀

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