This is the first mascara in my search for the perfect (or my favorite) mascara.
I have about 6 or 7 as of right now (both drugstore and non-drugstore), but this is the first picture that I had readily available, so this is the first mascara I’ll talk about.
I have two Maybelline mascaras, and this is my least favorite of the two, just because of the smell. I have no idea why it smells, but it does. It’s this strong, stinging smell that’s super chemically. Scary that I put it on my eyes right?
I didn’t get any reaction to it though, so I figured the smells non-offensive otherwise.
As for the formula, it doesn’t give a “patent leather finish” like it advertises, but does give it some sort of finish. Unlike normal mascaras, this one has a sheen to it. It does lengthen and thicken.
The brush also helps with it as well.
If you use it the way mascara is supposed to be used (rocking at the lashes, quick movement upwards) then it does lengthen, thicken and separate. It doesn’t clump.
After 4 coats it still didn’t clump.
Really my only complaint is the smell.
If they made a waterproof formula, I don’t think I’d buy it, but it would be a nice option to have.
Here are more photos:

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