I was thinking the other day about why I got into makeup. Like exactly how I got into collecting, and watching youtube videos, and learning the tricks and all. It seemed to happen suddenly this summer, when I realized I wasn’t going back to UCSC, and that I would have extra time on my hands.

This is what I came up with:
• Reality Television.
• Specifically The Girls Next Door and Keepin’ Up With The Kardashians.
• More Specifically, Holly Madison (GND) and Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian (KUWTK).
So. You’re all going “WHY?!” right?
Well it’s because if you watch enough of those two programs, you’ll notice those 4 ladies are always made up, and beautifully at that. Yes, they have makeup artists and such. And nobody really knows how much the makeup artists do before they film their daily lives (not the confessional parts). Granted that at some part of the day, they do their makeup on their own, they all know their way around makeup.
So seeing that, it made me think “how do I do that?”
Thus, I youtubed “Kim Kardashian Makeup”. That was when I first saw Pixiwoo’s video on the Kim Kardashian Makeup look. I was enchanted (and I’ll admit, at first it was for her accent). And given that Sam Chapman (who did that particular tutorial) is a legit pro she did a wonderful job. Which means, she applied the makeup beautifully, explained it coherently and really made me realize that it’s easy.
From there, I realized that in the limited products I do have, I could use them and make the same look. The things I needed were the tools.
So I wandered to my nearest Target to see what tools they have. I then purchased my first eyeshadow brush.
Don’t get me wrong, before all this happened, I still loved to buy makeup. It was just always at drugstores, and I didn’t pay attention to the higher end products. I knew about Mac, and Clinique and Bare Escentuals (My mother uses clinique, and I had used the BE foundation) but it really didn’t matter to me if I used them or not. The only things I regularly used were the Benefit Creaseless Cream Eye Shadows. And I only had 3 of them. And I only used them, no primer, no color on top. I used my CoverGirl mascara. And I lightly used my BE Foundation. That’s it. I liked going to Sephora and Benefit, but I just didn’t know what to buy, and what to do with all those things they had. That and I didn’t have the money for it. (I still don’t really, but I work more and I live at home… so I have a little bit more in the “extra funds” department).
So with my new eyeshadow brush in hand, I went back home and experimented with it and my Benefit cream eyeshadows. Already I noticed the difference between applying with my finger and with the brush. The brush was so easy!
My next step was to find a liquid foundation for myself. I noticed in the Kim Kardashian video, she used a liquid foundation, and set it with a powder. So, I googled and found the best drugstore foundation. I went to Walgreens then and found my first liquid foundation, CoverGirl’s clean foundation, and some sponges.
Slowly, my routine started to get longer and longer.
As I searched more on Youtube, I realized that I needed more things. Concealer, for example. After about a month of searching on Youtube, I finally mustered up the courage to go to Mac.
You all remember your first trip to Mac right? Scary. Mac is a daunting, scary, intimidating place to go to. I realized that it really wasn’t. I simply said “I need a new concealer. Can you help me?”. She then asked “Studio Sculpt or Studio Finish?” and I said “Studio Sculpt”, not really wanting to ask questions, or knowing what it was. I was scared. I just wanted a concealer. She then just whipped one out, applied it and showed me. It was sort of exhilarating… having a “pro” take a brush out and that I could feel and sort of see what they were doing (it was under my eyes… so more of the feel part). She asked “How is this?” and I nodded. I was shy. This was part of my shy phase (I had a 4 month shy phase – no clue why…). And she asked “do you need the brush too?” and I nodded again. I paid and left. Looking back on it, I was really, super shy and she probably thought she scared me or something. Then again, they must get a lot of shy girls new to makeup. Anyways, that was my first Mac product.
From then on, I had my face routine set, and the general function of everything. I continued to watch Youtube tutorials and really focused on Mac products because everybody uses them, which is actually how I think everybody gets into it. My next plan was to get some eyeshadows. Which I did. Then to color match things perfectly, which I did.
That was when I started making videos.
It was about 3 months of watching Youtube videos (my favorite being Pixiwoo, and they still are) before I was able to start making videos on my friends’ urgency. And it was about 3 months of minorly starting to collect as well.
Since then I’ve been regularly browsing Sephora, and other beauty blogs like Temptalia, Scrangie, AllLacqueredUpKarlasugar and all of those Youtube Gurus like Pixiwoo, xsparkage, Petrilude, sayanythingbr00ke, AmarixeMakeupByTiffanyD, pursebuzz, kandeejohnson, AllThatGlitters21, and juicystar07. (first 4 are in order of my faves, then the youtube gurus are also in order of my favorites for the first 5, then random others I watch)
So, basically, if you want to start collecting all you simply have to do is youtube it. It’s a great resource for tips, deals and reviews on products. After that, it’s just being able to go to those stores and browsing and asking for questions. The girls at Mac, Clinique, Sephora, Benefit etc LOVE to answer questions so don’t be shy like I was :] This goes especially for getting foundations and concealers to match you! It’s as easy as saying “I’m new at this, and I’d like to get a foundation that fits me. Can you help me?”. They always say yes, and quite frankly it’s their job to help you since they are essentially just retail workers. The girls at my Mac counter are all super nice and will walk you through anything you need from basic things like what finishes are what to more complicated things like brush techniques etc.
I hope this helps somebody out there realize that collecting makeup and learning it for yourself is not difficult at all, and to start, all it takes is a 10 minutes a day (average time of a Youtube guru video) and a weekend trip to a mall.

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