That is the Lush “Therapy” Massage Bar, in their massage bar tin. The bobby pin on the side is just for seeing how big it is. The bar itself normally perfectly fits the tin, meaning I can’t stick my finger into the sides and pick it up, I have to turn the tin over and flop it onto my hand. I’ve been using the Therapy Bar for about 2 weeks now (I got it in the mail on Jan. 20th) and I adore it. The scent isn’t very strong… it’s a softer more comforting smell. To me there are hints of chocolate, lavender and citrus – meaning it’s comforting, clean and herbal. The Lush website describes it to have lavender oil, neroli oil, cocoa butter and shea butter, which is why I smell the chocolate, lavnder and citrus. The chocolate is the strongest of the 3 in my opinion…
Here is the description box for the product on their website:
If you’ve never tried our massage bars before, we recommend you start with this one. It’s completely organic, from the shea and cocoa butter that warm up with the heat of massage and melt into your skin (to make for a smooth, moisturizing but not slippery massage) to the lavender, sweet orange and neroli oils meant to relax and uplift you. We recommend this one for rubbing onto pregnant bellies to soothe and moisturize. Try it out; you’ll never go back to those slippery massage oils again.

What a Massage Bar is for is to give massages to other people. I don’t have anybody to do that for, so after I take a shower, I rub it on my legs and arms while my skin is still warm. With that, my skin is soft all day. The oils and the bar itself are not too greasy, so it doesn’t feel gross when I rub it on. This makes it the most effective moisturizer because you don’t get too much of it – all you’re doing is rubbing it on so there can’t be too much on your skin. I’ve also tried using this after I shaved my legs and my legs were SOFT. It was amazing. I was petting my legs all day lol.
It costs $8.75 for 2.2 ounces on the website.
The tin comes free if you order 2 or more massage bars, individually it costs $2.95. My only complaint about the tin is that it doesn’t really fit the other massage bars I have (Strawberry Feels Forever, Mange Too). It fits Therapy perfectly but Strawberry is too big, and Mange is too circular.
There are 17 different massage bars to choose from, if you don’t care for the scents that Therapy has to offer. Some of them have glitter, some are more fruity, some are more citrusy so really, there’s a scent for everybody.
Here is the original haul video that I have:
A video review of all the lush products that I’ve used will be up soon.

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