Mac came out with the “Warm & Cozy” collection in the end of December/early January. The collection focused on warm tones.

These are the two Mineralize Skin Finishes that came out with the Warm & Cozy collection: By Candelight (Left), Comfort (Right). These also happened to be the first MSF’s that I’ve purchased.
By Candelight: Golden pink sheen. I apply it with a Mac 129 brush, which is a paddle shaped blush brush (meaning it’s wider than it is thick), underneath a sheer, matte peach toned blush (normally Georgia by Benefit)… sort of like a highlight. I apply it underneath the matte blush just to tone down the sheen that these MSF’s have… I have oily skin so if I use too much of a shiny color as a highlight, it makes my skin just look too oily.
The pink color doesn’t show up as much, it comes out more of a goldy glow on my skin.
The powder itself is very soft and fine so a little goes a long way.
Comfort: Bronzy gold sheen. I also apply this with a Mac 129 brush. My favorite combination to use this in is first applying a matte peach blush, then a soft sweep of this MSF, and on top softly sweeping By Candelgith. If it’s too much sheen, then I’ll swipe the peach blush again. I use both MSFs becasue they have two different glows. This MSF also gives quite a bit of bronze color so it would be a great bronzer.
This powder also goes a long way so not a lot is needed.
Here is the original video of the haul it came from:

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