NHL #8: Chicago Blackhawks

Oh hey there long lost Chicago Blackhawks/Thanksgiving Makeup Tutorial blog post. How's it going??So this was originally for Thanksgiving. I looked at the team colors for Chicago (red, white and black) and thought, "well, my last one was allllll red, black and white" so I decided to go more earthy and based on the logo … Continue reading NHL #8: Chicago Blackhawks

Holiday 2010: China Glaze Tis’ The Season To Be Naughty Or Nice

This year China Glaze came out with 12 polishes for their Holiday Collection. I only bought 6 of them, since the other ones didn't seem that unique to me, or seemed like colors that wouldn't look good on me.There was a good mix of glitter, shimmer and creme, which is always expected of China Glaze. … Continue reading Holiday 2010: China Glaze Tis’ The Season To Be Naughty Or Nice

Holiday 2010: Mac A Tartan Tale

This is the first of many long overdue posts for a lot of haul videos that I've posted. I'm sorry this is late - so late that you're probably not going to be able to purchase most of these items anymore.But I did say that I'd post the photos and swatches of everything, so here … Continue reading Holiday 2010: Mac A Tartan Tale

NOTW: Halloween!

So I've been sick. Sorry. Health, school and work will always come before blogging/vlogging so I hope you all understand. Real life > Internet life.Anyways, here are the nails I sported the week before Halloween/The Giants World Series Win. Which was nice because the colors coincided very well. :)So yeah, congratulations to the SF Giants on … Continue reading NOTW: Halloween!